your new pun pal

Whether you already know me or are just starting to get a glimpse of who I am as a person, you will quickly find out my way of living is through my 3 P's. Pugs, Pickles, and Puns! I'm a pun fiend if you've ever known one and feel that it is only my duty, as pun queen, to share all of my punny thoughts with you all!

To keep my creative juices flowing I will devote to posting a pun a week on this site. It may be a pun with a little personal tid bit of my life, or a pun that made me giggle or motivated me through the day! 

Yes, I do think puns can be inspirational.

Some will be pretty darn typical, some will be one's I found from other people and wish I had thought of myself. Some will be outright hysterically my own (even if it's just me laughing at myself in front of my own computer screen). Some will also totally fail, which is life, and accepting the freedom to fail, even with something as trivial as a pun, is something I'm trying to work on as a person. 

SO without further ado, enjoy, reflect, belly laugh, cry tears of pun joy! 


Your Pun Pal

PS. For any pun inquiries reach out to me via Instagram! (:

McKenna Ryan