Howdy friends! 

Here I introduce to you my most favorite Orange food spot, Lanta Thai! Can't tell if I was swooned by their yummy little crunchies served as appetizers or the 14 dollar dinner special that could literally be served as a Thanksgiving meal but I am hooked! The food is thai-t!

(two puns in one day? you lucky DOGS) 

I have had a very long week full of rehearsals, homework, and laundry so a night out with the people I love was the perfect way to start the weekend! As great as the food is, it's the company that makes this meal so worthwhile. 

Also, felt it was necessary to post a picture but I'm impatient when it comes to waiting to eat my food once its arrived so the picture does not even begin to describe the yummy taste! (The only other picture I have is a blurry mess because I was so excited and eager to eat)


Your Pun Pal

McKenna Ryan